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New Poetry Book by Veteran Chronicles Healing with the Help of Cannabis



A new book containing a collection of poetry captures the power of cannabis, creativity and cats in the healing process when overcoming trauma in the past. As veterans from all branches of the armed forces struggle to acclimate to civilian life, often they find medical cannabis can be an empowering tool in recovery.

Author Don Agey left the Navy in 1970 and quickly learned that assimilation back to civilian life—and society as a whole—is a long, hard road. While slowly adjusting back into normal life, Agey constantly jotted his thoughts down in the form of poetry.

“Second Harvest” is Agey’s latest book of poetry that delves into difficult subjects, but with whimsical grace that reaches a variety of different audiences. Inspired by “the curiosity of his cats and life’s unavoidable obstacles,” the author uses humor through poetry to tackle some of those difficult subjects such as past trauma.

“I hope after reading ‘Second Harvest’ people will see there is always joy in life,” Agey said in a press release, adding “sometimes it’s just a little hard to find and takes a little work to find it.” 

Agey provides insight into the struggles of acclimating to civilian life. Despite constant hurdles over the course of his life, Agey clung to his integrity, culminating in what is now “a life’s worth of poetry depicting the minor annoyances and major wins all humans are subject to as a rite of passage.”

The book functions as a sequel to Agey’s 2017 novel, “Eclectic Harvest.” which was the author’s first compilation of poetry on the process of healing.

Agey hails from California, home to one of the largest cannabis markets in the world. After serving four years in the Navy, he returned to his home state of California. Agey also served nearly 20 years as a federal security police officer for NASA. He is retired and living quietly in California with his two cats.


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