How Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Going? If You’re Anything Like Us, Not Well!

How’d those New Year’s Resolutions go? Bad? Us, too. Here’s how we’re feeling two weeks into our disastrous “New Year, New Me” phase. We thought 2018 would be different! Turns out repeating the same destructive patterns yields the same destructive results. Who knew?! Here are seven spicy memes that hit a little too close to home this week.

1. Our daily affirmations went wrong somewhere down the line…

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2. I mean, self-examination is certainly shocking.

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3. And why do people keep asking us to go on outdoor adventures?

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4. Why mess with tradition?

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5. Our vow to be more social hasn’t been going…too well…

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6. Neither has our goal of making healthy choices. I mean, the nutrition board really thinks I can’t eat a whole box of mac ‘n cheese in one sitting? It’s insulting.

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7. 2018 is going to be a big year for us. It’s just going to take some creativity, is all.

New year, new me!


Katie Conley

Katie Conley is an editor at DOPE Magazine. She enjoys watching schlocky movies, listening to comedy and true crime podcasts, singing karaoke and napping in inopportune places.

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