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We Found It! Eureka Vapor Strikes Gold



We Found It! Eureka Vapor Strikes Gold 3

eurekavapor_0029_dope_octoberEureka Vapor Strikes Gold

The origins of the word “Eureka” are traced back to early 17th century Greece, and when translated, means “I have found it.” Ancient Greece’s Archimedes was also thought to have uttered this when he stumbled upon a method to determine gold’s purity. As we sit here on the horizon of a new ‘gold rush’ in California, there are many different companies looking to take advantage of an opportunity to profiteer. This benefits companies like Eureka who continually raise the bar with their product line, producing clean medicine for patients since day one. Eureka Vapor has truly found the gold standard in oil cartridges—their patients can say, “Eureka!”

Eureka Vapor’s founders are a solid group—this was evident immediately upon our introduction. Transplants from the East Coast, I immediately fell in with the founders who, like me, hail from New York. During our conversation, it became clear that Eureka is not about trying to turn a quick profit and are in business for all of the right reasons. New Yorkers can sense BS a mile away and after talking with the Eureka team, it was obvious that they are all looking to produce the best medicine possible.

Founded as a platform to showcase the benefits of cannabis as medicine, Eureka Vapor focuses on relieving pain in patients. This is something the partners at Eureka have taken to heart, as several members of the Eureka crew have had family members who needed to manage pain in their lives. As a patient-forward company, Eureka’s product line is something they would give and have given to their own family members. The team never sacrifices quality as they use surgical grade stainless steel and natural filters in all of their cartridges. And you definitely won’t find polypropylene glycol as an ingredient.

As Eureka has grown, they have faced challenges—not uncommon for companies in the cannabis industry. One of their biggest challenges to date has been revealing to the cannabis community that not all cartridges are created equal. The market has clearly responded to thisyou can find Eureka Vapor products in hundreds of dispensaries across California as well as Colorado. Eureka is poised for expansion and is a top-notch ambassador in bringing their oils to multiple markets, while simultaneously staying at the forefront of the industry. They also have the pedigree to prove it. As winners of Hempcon’s 2015 First Place for Best CO2 Concentrate in addition to winning Best Vape at Local Sesh 2016, Eureka is proving that their products continue to get better each and every year.

“We want to make everyone’s experience with Eureka Vapor a personal one. We treat each patient like family. With that, we lead with having the safest, cleanest oil available on the market. If it does not come from the plant, it does not end up in our oil.” -Eureka Vapor

Let’s be honest, vape pens are trendy and there are so many entrants in the competition that it is easy to be swallowed whole by the marketplace. To say it is difficult to plant a stake in the ground is a severe understatement. Not only has Eureka Vapor grown, but they are thriving in the market. By creating oil for the right reasons, they are paying close attention to the most important people in the equation: the patients. The outcome is pure, clean, quality oils.

Room in the cannabis industry for subpar medicine has vanished. At the end of the day the people who will be saying, “Eureka!” are the patients who have found these products. When your company’s foundation is helping people, your results often reflect that principle. Eureka combines this with a close attention to detail that puts them head and shoulders above the competition.


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