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The Hot Box: NFL Second Half Hot Takes



The Hot Box: NFL Second Half Hot Takes

You might not have realized it, but the NFL season is already more than halfway over.

An incredibly entertaining season that has been highlighted by the rise of Patrick Mahomes, Drew Brees’ record-breaking play and the Browns being the Browns still has plenty of twists and turns left before the playoffs start.

But other than more spellbinding Sundays, what else can we expect from the second half of the season?

Here are four predictions that will absolutely come true.

The Chargers will win the AFC West and get a first-round bye

With their high-octane offense, the Kansas City Chiefs have been the most exciting team in the NFL this season. But the current AFC West leaders have another strong contender in their division: the Los Angeles Chargers.

Just one game back, the Chargers are one of the hottest teams in the league, despite a heartbreaking loss to the Broncos.

With Kansas City losing the game of the year to the Rams on Monday, it’s possible that the Week 15 showdown between the two franchises could be for AFC West supremacy and a first-round bye in the playoffs.

We’ll take Philip Rivers and the Chargers.

The Colts will win the AFC South

With a jumbled mess of flawed teams, the AFC South is wide open— unless you’re the Jaguars. Riding a three-game winning streak, the Colts might be the best 5-5 team in the NFL.

Indianapolis might have no names on both sides of the ball, but Andrew Luck and the best first-year coach, Frank Reich, have turned the Colts into one of the most fun teams to watch. And that’s finally translating into wins.

Just two games back, the Colts could easily rage toward a battle with another hot team, the Texans, for the AFC South crown.

The Seahawks will sneak into the playoffs

Seattle lost a tough game to the Rams, but their massive victory over the Packers evened their record at 5-5, the Seahawks have a legitimate chance to make the playoffs.

In what’s supposed to be a rebuilding season, Seattle is only one game out of the final wild card spot.

It might not be pretty, but Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are competitive in every game.

Upcoming tilts with the Vikings, Panthers and Chiefs will determine if Seattle sneaks into the playoffs or if they’ll be watching from home.

Drew Brees already has the MVP locked up

As mentioned before, the Chiefs are the story of the season — and for good reason. But another storyline that’s picking up steam is Brees’ record-breaking 2018 campaign.

The soon-to-be 40 year old is having arguably his greatest season ever, and he’s never won the league MVP.

The fact that the Saints are arguably the best team in the NFL, and that Brees has never taken home the MVP trophy means he’s already got the award locked up.

In any other year, Mahomes would be a no-doubt favorite to win but he’ll have other chances. This could be Brees’ final swing at MVP… and a Super Bowl.


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