Nice Edibles

Nice Edibles


Test results: 15mg THC per serving | Tested by: SC Labs

 Indica/Sativa: Indica dominant hybrid


Nice Edibles come beautifully packaged in air-tight bags with ten individually wrapped pieces. Each piece contains 15 milligrams of THC, making dosing extremely manageable and offering high functionality when consumed. There are three packs of flavor-themed candy: Fruit Bomb, Fountain Flavors and The Herbalist. These candies are the perfect match for anyone looking to enhance their surroundings. With flavors exclusively coming from Mother Earth, these bites of cannabis can be enjoyed anywhere you go. Introduce Nice Edibles to your edible rotation and boost your health and wellness.


 “It’s a difference you can see, taste and feel. We want to be nice to ourselves and the environment which is why we source locally and adhere to a green business model, facilitating a connection between farmers and growers and the consumer.”

–Rashell Crume


Mood Brightener

Smile Generator

Mental and Physical Stimulator

Nice Edibles
Nice Edibles