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Nirvana Center: A Little Slice of Paradise



Nirvana Center - Phoenix, AZ

Nirvana Center – Phoenix, AZ

Situated just outside of downtown Phoenix, Nirvana Center is easy to find and boasts ample parking. I was greeted by smiling faces upon check-in and was asked to take a seat in their spacious waiting room. Before long, I was whisked away to their bustling product floor; a clean, well-lit area with high ceilings accented by cream and grey walls, giving the space a boutique vibe. The room was separated by glittering stations packed with a wide range of products, making it easy to find what I was looking for.

The Product

With enough flower at home, I passed on their selection but was still tempted by the more than 50 strains on the menu in their tiered deli-style layout, featuring familiar brands such as Sunday Goods, Grow Sciences and High Grade. I took some time looking at edibles, debating between brands like Baked Bros, Flourish and Vapen Kitchens before settling on the Pucks from Clean Concentrates. Gummies were a good choice! Finally, I scoped out their extensive selection of concentrates, eyeballing everything from crumble to diamonds and cartridges from brands like Canamo, MüV, Venom and more. I ended up settling on Tropicana Cookies shatter and a Blueberry Vape cartridge, also from Clean Concentrates, and couldn’t have been more satisfied. Although I didn’t need any topicals, accessories or rolling papers, I made a mental note of their excellent selection for future reference.

The Business

Having had such a positive experience, I will for sure return to Nirvana Center. The staff was kind and knowledgeable, and their selection was outstanding. “That’s really what we’re all about,” says marketing manager Max Schell. “We’re trying to create a true experience that’s based on how we greet our patients, how we treat our patients and how we isolate the individual needs of our patients. Our focus is on the wellness factor and, ultimately, helping people.” I could see that these values were infused in Nirvana Center’s style at every level, leaving me feeling like I’d found a little slice of paradise.

Nirvana Center - Phoenix, AZ“Our focus is on the wellness factor and, ultimately, helping people.” – Max Schell, Nirvana Center marketing manager


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