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Northern Berry: Relaxing, Hashy Blueberry Favorite



Northern Berry by Full Moon Farms

Northern Berry by Full Moon Farms

A visit to Full Moon Farms during fall harvest led to a discovery: Northern Berry is the farm’s house favorite flower, a union of two famous indica strains, Blueberry and Northern Lights #5. This sustainably sun-grown flower’s purple hues indicate its relaxing effects and echo its enticing aroma: the essence of fresh, sweet blueberries grounded by undertones of earthy hash spice. The top terpene in blueberry, caryophyllene, mainly found in sativa strains, may balance some users. Furthermore, Northern Berry is sticky and full of resin — great for pressing fruity rosin. Sharing a joint of this berry delicious indica power plant relaxed muscles after a long drive, and the resultant munchies led us to devour a healthy meal.

Northern Berry by Full Moon Farms

Available At…

  1. The Humboldt County Collective: 1670 Myrtle Ave., Eureka, CA 95501
  2. RCP Sacramento: 1508 El Camino Ave., Sacramento, CA 95815
  3. Up North Distribution: 5550 W End Rd., Arcata, CA 95521



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