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Novo Dia: New Day for an Ancient Plant



NOVO DIA: New Day for an Ancient Plant 1

The owners of Novo Dia are no novices when it comes to large-scale plant production. They’ve been wholesaling bedding plants since 1947. The business remains in the family, operated by Vicki Lima and her son, Joe Lima.

Novo Dia is a Tier III grow on the edge of the Idaho border. Currently they have 8,000 square feet of indoor and 2,000 square feet of outdoor space with plans of building 20,000 additional square feet of greenhouse canopy by the end of the year. At Novo Dia, all the plants are hand watered and hand trimmed. Flushing lasts two weeks: the first week they include molasses, the second week just water. They hang dry for 10-14 days, then cure for the same.

“We garden because good people garden.”

Walking into the facility it’s clear this is not the team’s first rodeo. Much of what they’ve learned growing other plants is now applied to cannabis. They use the same medium for growing cannabis as they do for all their other plants, a unique blend all their own. This knowledge also helps them with their pest management. Only hydrogen peroxide is used as spot treatment. A few predator insects can be spotted working hard to keep this garden immaculate.

Still new to 502, they are in the process of deciding which strains best represent Novo Dia. They have some proprietary strains as well as some classics currently in production: their Cecil’s Diesel, named for the founder of the company, is a proprietary strain with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. Dali Lima, one of their most popular strains, is another proprietary strain. They’re also growing fire Sleestack and Cascadia Kush.

As I meandered through the garden with Vicki and Joe Lima, we talked about their overall philosophy. “We garden because good people garden” is how Vicki explained their guiding ethos. They clearly love to grow, and cannabis is another way to express this love.


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