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Orange Cookies THCA Diamonds



Orange Cookies by Item 9 Labs

Orange Cookies by Item 9 Labs

Item 9 Labs brings OJ and GSC together in this classic pairing of cookies and juice, isolated as THCA diamonds. The golden crystals glitter at me, moving like sand as I remove the cap. A burst of creamy citrus terpenes is released.

My rig comes to temp as I portion my dose, drop it in and fill my lungs with a plume of earthy, orange peel-esque vapor. The effects are subtle at first; a slight vibration behind my eyes builds into an intense cerebral buzz that fills my mind. A focused serenity envelops me, stimulating my mood and easing my stress and anxiety. Despite feeling calm and relaxed, I’m gripped by an explosion of energy that carries me through my morning and well into the afternoon.

Available At…

  1. Curaleaf – Midtown: 2918 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85012
  2. Emerald Dispensary: 4244 W Dunlap Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85051
  3. Local Joint: 4201 E University Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85034


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