Orange Zkittlez

Tryke’s Citrusy Hybrid Lifts Your Mood


  • Test Results: 22.14% THC | .04% CBD
  • Indica/Sativa: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Tested By: Aces Analytical Laboratory |
  • Instagram: @trykesocial
  • Website:

Orange Zkittlez by Tryke Cultivation

Orange Zkittlez has a citrusy, yet earthy scent; while other citrusy strains can smell like orange-scented air freshener, this smells more like an orange grove. Its firm chartreuse buds are threaded with oranges and yellows, and the flavor is sweeter than the scent indicates. The high brings the cerebral side we expect from a sativa—but not the kind that causes you to crawl inside your own head. This makes Orange Zkittlez a perfect choice for creative endeavors, as you get a flow of ideas unhampered by the occasional paranoid notion that they all suck.

(As always, leave that decision for when you’re sober!)

OZ is a nice social strain, but not much of a “watching” weed; your mind will wander, so don’t worry about pairing it with a movie or show. It also comes with a pleasant finish that cools down an active mind and relaxes the body.

Orange Zkittlez by Tryke Cultivation
Orange Zkittlez by Tryke Cultivation

Exclusively Found at Reef Dispensaries

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