That (Good) Good Weed Co: Organically-Grown Cannabis Like You’ve Never Seen Before

If you find yourself wandering south down I-25 this summer, make sure to take a pit stop in Colorado Springs and pick up some top-quality herb at Good Weed Co.! Every garden has its own style and layout, but this one will forever stand out in my mind as one of the most earth-conscious gardens I’ve seen. “No till, small batch, glass cured, grown organically in living soil” is Good Weed Co.’s secret to success. The team at Good Weed is made up of a close group friends who just so happen to share a passion for growing the cleanest, purest, most environmentally-friendly indoor cannabis possible. They take no shortcuts to provide the city of Colorado Springs and its medical visitors with the highest quality organic cannabis.

Highest quality organic cannabis.

Walking into their garden is truly unlike any other professional cannabis cultivation facility I’ve witnessed. Massive strain-specific beds filled with their living soil are placed all throughout the room. I quickly noticed pops of color: pink, white and yellow filled the blooming room, companion clover plants that grow alongside the cannabis and provide essential nutrients. Tanner pointed out that you can actually see members of the fungi family in the beds, aiding with the decomposing phase. If you really want to dig deep, take a handful of the soil peat moss mixture and you’ll come out with a handful of worms!

Good Weed Co. Garden
Good Weed Co. Garden

Good Weed Co. keeps permaculture and sustainability in mind during every part of their gardening process. No pesticides whatsoever are used, and they’ve personally seen dramatic differences in THC and terpene testing due to their organic methods. I left my Good Weed visit bursting with living soil knowledge, inspired to apply these techniques to my own veggie garden. These guys are doing it proper, and I truly hope to see more grows making an effort to provide pure cannabis to our state!

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