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Out of Africa Wildlife Park Treats Animals with CBD


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The caring team at Out of Africa, a conservation wildlife park located in the Verde Valley of Northern Arizona, is dedicated to providing a unique animal experience for all ages while providing the best possible life for the creatures in their care. That means keeping an open mind while tending to the animals’ medical needs and daily requirements, even if those daily requirements include cannabis.


After learning one of their ibex goats, Kasani, was having seizures in the middle of the night, the Out of Africa team consulted with their veterinarians before researching holistic treatments —  wouldn’t you know it, there’s not a lot of info out there on the treatment of ibex goat seizures. They landed on local CBD brand, Source, which is sold at Mount Hope Wholesale, a highly acclaimed local health food market known for its outstanding supplement section. Soon after, Out of Africa was connected with Ian Petersen, CEO, founder and creator of Source CBD, who assisted them with the treatment process, effectively reducing Kasani’s seizures.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park Treats Animals with CBD


Shortly after Kasani’s treatment, the Out of Africa team was confronted with a new ailment: a five-inch cancerous tumor found in the middle of their 130-pound albino python, Apollo.  Originally thought to be a spider bite, a biopsy revealed it to be a malignant tumor. Their reptile vet, Dr. Kiedrowski, was able to remove a large portion of the mass, but, “was unable to get all of it out of his tissue without removing large portions of muscle,” says large reptile manager Zack Ala. “[The tumor] would continue to grow, which would wind up killing him.” Faced with a life-or-death situation, the team reconnected with Petersen to establish a potential treatment plan. The treatment began in January 2018 and lasted eight weeks using an orally-administered 100mg dose of CBD. Since then, the remaining mass has hardened and ceased to grow, allowing Apollo a full recovery.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park Treats Animals with CBD

Chalet and Kumba

Born on the same day, May 28, 2008, white Bengal tiger Chalet and lioness Kumba grew up as inseparable sisters. Looked over by large carnivore manager Jeff Harwell, the pair have spent most of their lives at Out of Africa. After noticing a lump on the left side of Chalet’s face, Harwell and veterinarian Dr. Skinner discovered the tiger had jugular cancer. Soon after, Chalet underwent surgery to have the mass removed, and although the veterinarian team was successful, the cancer had metastasized in Chalet’s lungs. Calling on Petersen once again, the team organized an aggressive treatment in July based on the tiger’s body weight (325 pounds, with 0.2mg CBD treatment per pound), intended to fight her lung cancer, reduce post-op pain and aid in reducing any anxiety or temper issues. “Chalet receives one full dropper a day of the 2000mg Full Strength CBD, which is approximately 66.6mg,” explains Petersen. The drug is administered using horse capsules containing the CBD oil, which is then wrapped in raw chicken, “and she’ll be on that for the next 90 days,” although “the treatment will most likely continue for six months.” Afterwards, the doctors will reassess her condition to determine if further treatment is necessary.

Out of Africa Wildlife Park Treats Animals with CBD

Harwell and Petersen started working with Kumba in July as well, who has experienced some anxiety when Chalet leaves the enclosure for the park’s Tiger Splash water shows and, most recently, surgery. The lioness receives a less aggressive treatment, measuring at a half dropper a day, approximately 33.3mg of CBD. The team has already noticed a gentle shift in Kumba’s personality after only two weeks and will continue to treat her for the foreseeable future.

Petersen and the progressive team at Out of Africa have gone above and beyond to ensure a higher quality of life to these wild creatures using purely sourced CBD oil. With a host of successes on the horizon, there’s no telling what exciting news will come from Out of Africa next.

“The drug is administered using horse capsules containing the CBD oil, which is then wrapped in raw chicken …”

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