Packing A Bag: Great Gear For Smokers On The Road

Q: Is anything worse than spilled bongwater?

A: Yes. Many things, one of which is spilled bongwater in your car. Another is pulling into your favorite campsite and discovering that your lighter is dead, your papers are wet and your glass is in pieces at the bottom of your backpack. Here are some products designed to help you travel weed-smart. Extra thanks to the folks at Farma and Mary Jane’s House of Glass.

STASHLOGIX EcoStash – $64 at

1. Stash Logix has designed a perfectly self-contained smokers’ travel kit which emphasizes discretion and security. It includes disposable carbon packets to suck up weedy smells, an erasable pen and a journal for jotting down test results and taste impressions on your favorite products, a combination lock, and an access port so you can charge without having to open the bag.

3rd Grain Black Dugout
3rd Grain Black Dugout. $28 at

2. 3rd Grain makes a range of wide, flat wood travel kits, perfect for your pocket. The simple construction makes space for several grams of flower and a pop-out ceramic one-hitter designed to look like a filtered cigarette.

3. Larger models of the 3rd Grain include an extra stash space for a contrasting strain and an extra one-hitter for your hiking buddy.

4. You don’t have to be the world’s greatest detective to figure out your Sherlock is not the hardiest bit of road gear in your bag. We all want a nice smoke, but we don’t want a broken pipe. The solution? Elementary. Pick up one of these inexpensive foam travel bags with a sexy design of your choice.

RE:STASH Jar | $28 at

5. When you get tired of amassing little jars and zip locks from your favorite shops, have an ounce of class and step it up to something like this: a reusable, medical-grade stash jar from Re-Stash, approved by the OLCC for dispensaries. Hey, if it’s good enough for the OLCC…

6. “Hey, is that my lighter?” “No.” “Are you sure? Mine looks a lot like that.” “Does yours have a custom leather slipcase from your favorite local rec shop?” “Oh, right. It must be yours.”
Unpremeditated larceny abounds on those stony road trips. Want to rise above the petty accusations of ‘who stole my lighter’? Grab a couple of these inexpensive custom slipcases like this one from Jayne and you can be sure of returning home with the same lighters you left with.