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Lemon Alien Dawg OR Concentrate 6

Approaching Pakalolo on Holgate Avenue in Portland Oregon, patrons find a comfortable green California style bungalow surrounded by bamboo and flowering perennials that blend with Easter Island effigies hidden in their floral landscaping. This is originally a house, now adorned with signs depicting cannabis leaves and hibiscus flowers, transporting guests to a small tropical paradise in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

Through a heavy wooden front door, guests are greeted with warmly decorated bright orange interior with festive splotches of yellow and green. Live plants rest upon rustic hard wood floors, and add more life to an already positive and welcoming atmosphere. Owners Justin Riggs and Adrienne Garcia are friendly and outgoing, with kind eyes and a friendly demeanor that allows for comfortable conversation full of useful information so patients leave with so much more than just medicine.

Wedding Cake, Dawg Walker and Dutch Herer are the house favorite flowers, all grown by Lion Tree Farms. Wedding Cake packs a very potent pungency that fills the lobby here when the jar is opened. We were told we could find the same high quality flower rolled up in their handmade prerolls, each is comprised of nugs that are ground up, and rolled into unexpected shapes like hearts and crosses. Blunt Buds are a Pakalolo produced product: Flower covered in Co2 oil, ice hash, Pangea PHO and CBD RSO.

Medibles are popular products at Pakalolo, with their sales now equal to, or exceeding sales of flower or concentrates. The most popular here are Bhombchellys Jellys BHO infused gummies, Chill Provisions peppermint patties and the original flavors of Medi Bros brand candies like horchata and banana cream pie. Beautiful Jack Herer “Live Resin” concentrates and PDXtracts BHO crumble are resting on the top shelf of the left counter for those who like a concentrated THC and CBD product of the highest possible quality. While you’re in make sure to take a moment to visit with the lovable dispensary pug named P.U.G – fondly pronounced “Pee-you- gee”.

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