Weed Weekends: Parents, Not Teens, Use Marijuana

Parents, Not Teens, Use Marijuana

When people argue against the legalization of cannabis, one of the main arguments is always, “It’s a gateway drug! If we legalize it, more teens will get high than ever before.” Well, a new 12-year study from the Centers for Disease Control reveals that people are worried about the wrong age group.

Older people—not teens—are using cannabis. In fact, marijuana use among 12- to 17-year-olds actually fell 10 percent.

For many, it’s a shocking reversal of the typical pot stereotype, which has always been associated with the young and stupid. But the reality is that middle-aged Americans are more likely to use marijuana than their teen children.

The research released last week revealed some surprising usage facts about the percentage of individuals in each age group who used regularly:


For a better idea of how marijuana usage has changed, take a look at this graph shared by The Washington Post.

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