PAX 2: Hard-Hitting Discretion

There are many reasons to praise the vaporizer movement. From health benefits to options to customize your piece, the vaping world features a plethora of products to pair with your cannabis. Between the iconic Volcano line and the disposable pen, you’ll find the PAX 2 hanging out to maximize your everyday vape.

Powering the PAX 2 is as simple as pressing on the mouthpiece. Once the device is on, you can press the mouthpiece again twice to enter the temperature. From there you can cycle through temperature levels to desired highness. And you’ll obviously want to pack the chamber full of your finest cannabis as well—fully preparing you for the PAX 2 experience.

Giving the PAX 2 a test drive at the DOPE Magazine corporate offices in Seattle, the intelligent little device proved to pack a perfect punch for some mid-afternoon highness. With discretion in tact, and a dose that wouldn’t derail my afternoon of meetings—my testing of the vape only made my workday that much brighter.


Dope Staff

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