The PAX Era Vaporizer: Sleek, Discreet and Endless Pods to Choose From!


  • Price: $19.99
  • Vaporizer Available At:
  • Pods Produced by: Legion of Bloom
  • Instagram: @paxvapor
  • Twitter: @PAXvapor

The PAX Era by PAX Vapor

The PAX Era vaporizer is a stunning step forward in the concentrate game. It’s my favorite vape I’ve owned so far—and I’ve had a lot of them. For starters, the design is gorgeous. Black and slim, it’s as low profile as they come. And it’s completely buttonless, so all you have to do is inhale.

The PAX Era uses what they call “extract pods,” as opposed to cartridges. The process of switching between pods is simple and mess-free. Just pull to remove, or clip in to enjoy. This allowed me to change strains to suit my mood. The pods I tried were all Legion of Bloom, and they had incredible flavor compared to cartridges I’ve had in the past.

I was lucky enough to try different pods from Legion of Bloom: 10K Jack, Cindy 99, Lavender, Terrapen Re:Vive, Terrapen Re:Lax, Terrapen Re:Lieve and Terrapen Re:Zen. Each were fantastically tasty and effective. Potency ranged from around 40% to 86% THC. I only scratched the tip of the iceberg—there’s a huge variety of pods to try from!

This vape even comes with its own app! Check battery life and regulate the temperature all on your phone—a huge plus for me, as I prefer a low-temp setting to preserve the terpene profile of what I’m smoking. Overall, the PAX Era gave me everything I needed: discretion, great design, ease of use and a delicious smoke sesh!

The PAX Era by PAX Vapor


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