PAX3 Has More Purpose, More Control: The Future Will Be Vaporized


PAX3 Review
PAX3 by PAX Labs

When it comes to portable dry herb vaporization, the stealthy PAX has maintained a reputation for being at the top of its class in consistent quality, flavor and cloud thickness. The PAX3 adds support for extracts, with half the heat-up time of the PAX2, as well as vibration notifications and an expanded accessories kit. Best of all, it’s app-enabled!

I was impressed by PAX1’s quality when it first came out, but it was a bit buggy. PAX3 is free of previous bugs, feature-rich, just as user-friendly and sports an elegant, glossy finish. The app adds refined temperature control, various heating modes, device locking and firmware updates. Notable additions to the accessory kit include an extracts chamber, a raised mouthpiece and an oven lid designed for smaller bowls. Ready in twenty-two seconds, the LED leaf turns green and vibrates when heated to optimal temperatures, providing thick, delicious vapor.

PAX has been an innovator of quality flower vaporization since 2012, subsequently releasing the PAX2 and the PAX Era for oil cartridges. Who knows what PAX will offer next as the vapor revolution continues!

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