Phantom Farms: A Spirit of Friendship and Experimental Cultivation

Nestled between two hills in a small, secluded valley, rows of cannabis plants stretch as far as the eye can see and drop off over the edge of a hill like a vineyard. There are no structures or people in sight, and Phantom Farms’ two side-by-side Tier II grow sites are silent and peaceful—except for the distant sound of the garden boom box playing Pink Floyd. A picture-perfect setting for this tight knit group of friends to grow their dream.

Phantom Farms
Phantom Farms

Phantom Farms was born when a close group of family and friends saw an opportunity to do what they love, do it well and do it together. Their diverse backgrounds included experience in general contracting, law, advertising and many years in the medical cannabis industry, uniquely positioning them to start their business themselves.

The PF team is excited about experimentation, which is evident in their diverse growing styles. From greenhouses to outdoor, seeds to clones, varying bed styles and even the number of plants per bed, they test different methods to dial in a perfect system. Even their impressive 45 strain lineup is diverse, including many genetics they’ve bred themselves. One cross combines Lemon Dream and Super Lemon Haze for a terpene-heavy strain they’ve named Cascade Lemonade, after the mountain range that serves as the backdrop for their picturesque location.

Phantom Farms at night

Phantom Farms prides themselves on going above and beyond. They are Clean Green Certified and use biological predators for integrated pest management. Chamomile, yarrow and other dynamic accumulators are strategically planted to benefit their soil. The beds are companion planted with marigolds to attract beneficial insects. The care they put in is evident in every step of the process, from building living soil, hand trimming all of the flower to their proprietary drying and curing process.

Phantom Farms watering the crop

CEO Sky Pinnick puts it best: “Because we all care about it so much, that attention to detail and quality… just translates all the way through. We hand-touch everything, so if you find our products in a dispensary, you will know instantly that it was literally made with love.”

Phantom Farms currently offers bulk flower and branded pre-rolls, and are in the process of obtaining an extraction license to offer CO2 oil.

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