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Phat Scale and Phat Quality

Phat Panda – Enter the Panda’s Den

Grow Op Farms, better known as Phat Panda, is a 100,000 square foot facility consisting of two Tier III licenses located in Spokane Valley. They are also the producers of Sticky Frog, their concentrate line, and Hot Sugar, their edible line. Boasting 345 employees, 24/7 processing and full time plumbers and electricians, this facility was truly a sight to behold.

Raving about their constant phenotype hunt, Mojave declares, “we are seed junkies.”

After dawning a Tyvek suit I was given a tour by Mojave Morelli, the Grow Manager, and accompanied by a security guard. Mojave comes from the world of large agriculture having grown organic fruit trees in his younger years. In great detail Mojave explained their process. They grow in coco coir using drip irrigation and drain to waste for watering. Their nutrients are mainly synthetic with compost teas and beneficial bacteria mixed in. Their clones start in rock wool cubes and vegetate for 7-8 weeks before going into flower.

phat panda

Cannabis plants at one of the Grow Op Farm’s facilities

GAVITA designed the lighting, each room outfitted with either HPS, Metal Halide or both. All the flower rooms are completely automated. They flush for a full 14 days and cure for at least two weeks. Working directly with multiple state agencies as well as Trace Analytics, Grow Op Farms maintains a safe, clean and compliant work environment.

We entered their mother room where they had 323 moms growing and more genetics on the way. Raving about their constant phenotype hunt, Mojave declares, “we are seed junkies.” We went into one of their curing rooms that was full of new strains they were toying around with. Without giving too much away, it’s evident that they are going to be well worth the wait.

Phat Panda’s Golden Pineapple is the most sold strain in the state. Their P-91, Panda OG and Gorilla Family strains are all fire. To see this level of quality at this scale was truly a unique and inspiring experience.

Phat Panda

Cannabis plants grown by Grow Op Farms


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