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Cannabis Brings Creativity To The “Next Level”

Phil Weeks is passionate about house music. Back in 1999, he started his own label, Robsoul Recordings, which now counts more than 300 house music releases.

While extremely productive, Phil loves his weed. “But I’m still working out almost every day; eat well and sleep good to stay on top of my game,” he shares.

He remembers he tried his first joint around the age of 13. “It was more to try new stuff as a kid,” he tells DOPE. “In Paris, people mixed their hash (or weed) with [tobacco] … so my real passion [for cannabis] started when I was able to quit smoking tobacco. I was about 30 years old. Then I realized how much the weed was bringing out the best in me.”

DOPE Magazine: How does cannabis influence your art? 

PHIL WEEKS: I have to admit it’s like doping. It’s bringing my creativity to the next level, mostly using strong sativa dominant strains like the Amnesia Haze.

If I start on a track and I have some doubts about which way to go, then a half joint of Amnesia will be enough to do the job. It’s like I know exactly what to do next, no hesitation. It’s boosting my confidence. And it allows me to keep that [bit of] craziness that I want in my music.

Phil Weeks: Cannabis Brings Creativity To The “Next Level”

Do you have a story about the best joint you’ve ever smoked? I’ve heard amazing stories about smoking with B-Real, Snoop, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Led Zeppelin, Deon Cole. What’s yours? 

A few years ago, I went skiing for a week in The French Alps. I decided to take a break and consume no joints at all so I could give my lungs a break. I didn’t take anything with me so there was no temptation.

The funny thing is I was still feeling high for a couple of days. [I then] started to remember my dreams. That was nuts.

But let me tell you that the first five-gram blunt I smoked when I got back home was the best in my life.

Have you ever considered getting into the cannabis industry?

Not really, I’m just too busy with my music, gigs and label. But at the moment I’m talking with some breeders to create my own strain: PimpWeeks Haze or OG Pimp. But this is just for fun.

If you had to pick one quote that relates to marijuana, what would that be?

I’dpick one from the movie “Friday.”

Smokey: “I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ‘cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job … and you ain’t got shit to do.”

Why did you pick this quote?

Because I really love to get everybody high everywhere I go. I also sampled this quote on my Raw Instrumental album of 2012.

By means of conclusion, Phil added, “Stay high and be creative guys. All day, every day.”

Weeks shared a final tip: make sure to check out the Chanel Kush J strain.

Phil also recently released ‘I Want You’ on his Robsoul Records imprint! Take a listen here!

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