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Pineapple Orange Hi-Burst Sour Chews



Pineapple Orange Hi-Burst Sour Chews by NWCS

Pineapple Orange Hi-Burst Sour Chews by Northwest Cannabis Solutions

The Pineapple Orange Hi-Burst Fruit Chews from Northwest Cannabis Solutions are a citrus-loving stoner’s dream. With a consistency much like caramel, I found these sour candies to be more easily sucked on than chewed. From the moment you toss one in your mouth a sweet and not overly sour tropical oasis greets your taste buds. It’s not very easy to distinguish the particular pineapple or orange taste in these chews — however, the flavor duo did an excellent job at masking any hint of cannabis carried over from the 10mg of THC distillate in each piece. The experience, overall was very pleasant. Take it slow with these puppies – I started to feel the 10mg piece in about 45 minutes, and it clung around for a few hours!

Pineapple Orange Hi-Burst Sour Chews

Available At…

  1. All Clear Choice Cannabis Locations
  2. All Have A Heart Locations
  3. Uncle Ike’s – Lake City


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