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Pistil Point: Big Vision Based in Craft Quality



PISTIL POINT: Big Vision Based in Craft Quality 1

When Josh Schmidt saw the 300,000 square foot building Sid Gupta wanted for a Portland cannabis cultivation operation, his response was an automatic: “You’re crazy.” In all his years as a grower, Schmidt had never heard of an indoor facility that size. But Gupta was undeterred. Confident in his vision and his assessment of the rising potential in the Oregon market, he moved forward.

With a bit of coercion, Schmidt eventually came around to Gupta’s big idea—and he’s glad he did. Together the two have built what they believe to be the biggest indoor grow in the state.

Gupta, who honed his business acumen in New York’s restaurant scene, recognized an opportunity in Oregon cannabis that might have passed him by if he’d stuck to the East Coast. That’s when he enlisted Josh Schmidt, a veteran of California’s medical cannabis industry.

“It’s not just about growing cannabis, it’s about educating patients and consumers about what cannabis is and how it can help.”

A highly trained grower with experience with outdoor farms in Northern California, Schmidt understood the intricacies of producing cannabis on a large scale and the adjustments necessary to thrive indoors. He brought a third partner and head cultivator, Sithat “Thui” Xaivong, another seasoned California grower, to develop the unique processes that have come to define Pistil Point’s products.

It’s not just the company’s size that sets it apart. According to Gupta, it’s also “amazing genetic lines, experienced growers, dedication to our craft and patience.” Schmidt adds: “Craft quality on a large scale, which is really hard to attain. We’ve got a boutique feel with a big production. That’s really rare.”

They’ve found a ready audience in the Oregon cannabis community. The state’s experienced growers and access to coveted strains, combined with a culture that privileges craft, works to create a unique environment: “It’s like the Japan of America,” Schmidt contends. “A crafty place, with a lot of intellect, a lot of really smart folks who strive to do the best for themselves and for the people.”

Expansion is on the horizon for Pistil Point, starting with recently acquired processing and wholesale licenses. They’re also developing some exciting partnerships through connections in the entertainment industry. Despite such rapid growth, however, their core values won’t change.

“Responsible consumption, responsible production, and responsible testing in order to create responsible medication,” Gupta emphasizes. “It’s not just about growing cannabis, it’s about educating patients and consumers about what cannabis is and how it can help.”




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