HiFi Farms: Planting Sound Roots

HiFi Farms may have been started in a Portland basement in 2014, but for the founders of HiFi, music is everything.

 showing off some babies
C.K. Koch showing off some babies

“Cannabis was something I always did to have a music career,” said HiFi master grower C.K. Koch. “Master grower — I don’t like that term, but I have a lot of experience and I put out a good product. CK was an organic gardener for 10 years, working on a medical cannabis grow in California from 2012-2014.

Koch may be a master grower, but his passion is music. An audio engineer, video producer and drummer for the band Major Love Event, he uses cannabis to help fuel his love of music.

Music seeps into everything at the farm; even its name pays homage to the love of music.

“HiFi is the truest expression of sound and motivates us to get the plant to have the truest expression,” said HiFi’s Richard Vinal.

HiFi Farms kind of grew organically. They had a history of throwing parties in Athens and decided to add a unique element to the business to “keep the music alive, because nothing goes together better than music and cannabis.” So last summer, HiFi began staging music events at locations where cannabis consumption is allowed.

The Crew at Hifi Farms
The Crew at HiFi Farms

With a focus on organics and sustainability, HiFi wants to be known for quality and consistency, and for providing a healthy product to medical and recreational customers alike.

“Medicine is clean living and we make clean products,” said HiFi CEO Sara Batterby, the most recent addition to the HiFi team. Said Koch of the CEO, “Sara took what we had and made it real.”

After 20-plus years in the technology and finance industry, Batterby now heads a company in an industry often described as male-dominated. She is proud not only of the farm’s product, but also the music events it promotes saying, “We’re throwing events we want to be at.”

Recent events have been held at Southeast Portland’s the Harry McCormick House Mansion, but will soon begin taking place at picturesque HiFi Farms. With acoustic sets and audiences of around 100 people, these intimate shows feel more like a living-room jam session than a concert. This is an experience you cannot replicate at more standard venues.

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