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Whole Flower Pre-Rolls by ABV Cannabis Co.

Whole Flower Pre-Rolls by ABV Cannabis Co.

ABV Cannabis Co. is a Colorado-based brand who believes that cannabis and a healthy, active lifestyle go hand-in-hand. Their pre-rolled joints are made with clean, premium-grade cannabis, and are available in packs of three or seven. ABV Cannabis is grown by their partner Pure Greens, whose environmentally-friendly greenhouses are located at 7,000 feet, along the Arkansas River, in the beautiful valley of Salida. I thoroughly enjoyed their sample of Road Dawg, which is an indica-leaning hybrid that relaxes the body while engaging the mind. Road Dawg boasts a potently gassy aroma, paired with a tropical yet earthy flavor. I smoked my sample with a few friends before hitting a longboard trail in the mountains and felt on top of the world. I usually prefer indicas during the evening, but the Road Dawg from ABV provided a stimulating rather than sedating high. Pair one of their pre-rolls with your next adventure and enjoy nature’s bounty at its finest.

Whole Flower Pre-Rolls by ABV Cannabis Co.

Available At…

  1. Mile High Green Cross: 852 N Broadway #606, Denver, CO 80203
  2. Nature’s Medicine: 230 W 16th St., Salida, CO 81201
  3. La Casa Cannabis: 205 S Main St #593, San Luis, CO 81152


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