The Hot Box: Four Bold Predictions for Super Bowl LIII

Super Bowl LIII – between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams — is finally here.

And people around the world — sports fans and non-sports fans alike — have been making predictions about who will win and what will happen in the Big Game.

So we decided to try our hand as well.

But these aren’t your typical bold predictions — like Tom Brady will play well or Aaron Donald will get sick. No. These are under-the-radar hot takes that’ll not only come true but they’ll make you look super smart at your Super Bowl party.

I’m putting on my Romostradamus hat and delivering four bold predictions that will absolutely come true on Sunday.

1. Johnny Hekker Fake Punt

McVay and the Rams loooooveto pull a sweet fake punt that completely devastates the defense. So it’s almost a no-brainer that Rams punter Johnny Hekker — who has a pretty amazing arm — will attempt at least one pass in the Super Bowl, and he’ll probably toss a completion that makes everyone joke, “Why is he a punter? He could totally play QB.”

Bonus hot take: The Patriots will also attempt a fake kick — either field goal or punt — to prove that the Rams aren’t the only ones with some tricks up their sleeves.

We all know that Belichick refuses to be outsmarted.

2. James Develin Touchdown

Trying to figure out how the Patriots will use their wide array of running backs has long been an impossible task. And that won’t change in this year’s Super Bowl.

The Patriots will mix in runners Sony Michel, Rex Burkhead and James White throughout the tilt, but it’ll be fullback James Develin who hits paydirt at least once.

Hopefully his touchdown dance lives up to the quality of the Super Bowl.

3. Sean McVay Will Be Called the Next Belichick

Talking about how young Rams coach Sean McVay has reached the annoyance levels of “Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard” and “Antonio Gates used to play basketball” when it comes to football parlance.

And there’s no doubt that his youth will be referenced during the broadcast, but we’ll also assuredly hear them compare the offensive genius to Belichick. Cue: eye roll.

While McVay might be on his way to being the best coach of the next generation, let’s pump the brakes on being the next anything other than the first Sean McVay.

4. There Will Be a Random Super Bowl Hero

It happens nearly every year, there’s an extremely random and mediocre player that becomes a legendary Super Bowl Hero.

Here are some of the candidates for both teams:

Rams: C.J. Anderson,Tyler Higbee, Dante Fowler Jr. and Cory Littleton

Patriots: Develin (of course), Phillip Dorsett, Cordarrelle Patterson, Kyle Van Noy

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