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Pride Wellness Vape Cartridges

New Name, New Products!


  • CBD Cartridge: 19.4% CBD | 2.1% THC | ($50)
  • THC Shatter Cartridge: 85.16% THC | .25% CBD | 2.5% CBN
  • CO2 Light-Weight Cartridge: 74.1% THC | 1.29% CBD | 1.78% CBN
  • Tested By: Flower Potency Testing
  • Instagram: @pridewellnessla
  • Website: PrideWellness.com

Vape Cartridges by Pride Wellness

Pride Cannabis is now Pride Wellness—the same products you love, just with a more fitting name. For the owners, the name change was a no-brainer. “Our company is a wellness company; it makes more sense,” explains Co-Owner Buck Angel. “It’s very important that people understand why we started Pride Wellness. We realize our community does suffer from a lot of abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as anxiety. Nobody is really targeting our community for wellness with cannabis. That’s why we started it—to really help people to understand they can use alternative medication like cannabis, instead of pharmaceuticals.”

Vape Cartridges by Pride Wellness
Founders Buck Angel and Leon Mostovoy

The community Co-Founder Buck Angel is referring to is the LGBT community. “We give a dollar from every purchase to the LGBT center in L.A., the largest LGBT center in the world,” Co-Founder Leon Mostovoy told us, and added that profits also aid their local senior center, “because seniors in our community are really lacking support. Much of our mission is about healing our community.”

Vape Cartridges by Pride Wellness
Legacy Vapes

Legacy Vapes are the newest products released by Pride Wellness. Their Pure CBD Cartridge has the highest CBD content and tests at 19% pure CBD—perfect for pain relief. Their THC Full Plant Shatter Cartridge is a full-plant vape cartridge with the medical properties found in Rick Simpson Oil; with a stronger terpene flavor from the shatter, every customer will feel the benefits of THC, CBD, CBN and CBG to create a full mind-body experience. Pride also offers a CO2 option: The Legacy CO2 Cartridge, which won the Mega-Sesh 2017 Best Solventless Concentrate, available in Blueberry Kush, Pineapple, Mango, Sweet Melon and Strawberry flavors—yum. This vape gives you a light, uplifting feeling while enhancing physical relaxation.

Vape Cartridges by Pride Wellness
Vape Cartridges by Pride Wellness

“This isn’t our business,” Buck emphasizes. “This isn’t me and Leon, it’s our community. It’s our community service. We want to make sure that the marginalized people and POC get an opportunity to be a part of this.” Both Leon and Buck are trans men, so they are no strangers to adversity, but they are also white men and understand that privilege. “We are two white guys now,” Buck notes. “It’s easier for us, even though we are trans—it doesn’t matter. We are in a really good position to help people.”

Vape Cartridges by Pride Wellness
Vape Cartridges by Pride Wellness


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Luna Reyna believes in the power of journalistic activism and social responsibility. As a writer with DOPE, she tackles many social justice topics that often do not receive the coverage they deserve within the cannabis industry, as well as issues of inclusivity regarding race, gender, class and sexual orientation. Luna is also the Managing Editor for BARE Magazine, a quarterly lifestyle magazine whose motto is, "culture without censorship." She is also the founder of RIZE Entertainment, an art, entertainment and culture company that focuses solely on artists who challenge injustice and champion equality through their art.

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