Smokies Toke Couture Hair Clips

These elegant hair clips are handcrafted by San Francisco-based artist Pilar Johnson and sold through her Smokies Toke Couture Etsy shop. Each clip is unique, and the styles vary from flower design to clip material, with choices of Tibetan silver, antique copper or gold tones. A lovely statement piece for the fashion-forward cannabis lover.



Price: $25-$55


Asche Locket Mill

Keep what you love near to your heart. This Locket Mill from NYC-based company Asche is not only a sleek necklace, it doubles as a grinder and comes in 18K Gold Vermeil or Black Rhodium, with choice of a keyring or 30-inch adjustable chain.



Price: $200 and up


7pipe Glass Blunt

Never fumble on a roll again! Load your flower into the 7pipe Glass Blunt’s sleek chamber, then twist in the gold spiral top to complete your blunt. A chic, yet functional product made from high quality material to class up your blunt game.



Price: $49.99


Sweatshirt, Hat and Beard Balm from Strain Printed

Colorado-based company Strain Printed utilizes vintage designs and cozy fabrics for their clothing line—a subtle fashion choice for cannabis lovers bored with Rasta colors and garish layouts. All their products are made on-site in Rifle, Colorado. Their screen printing process sets the design into the fabric itself, so your print won’t crack and chip after multiple wears. The Blue Dream Fleece Pullover, named after the ever popular Blue Dream strain, is made from 100 percent California fleece cotton. The Headband Cannabis Strain Snapback Hat is a one-size-fits-all structured hat, and the classic design allows you to display your cannabis passion in an understated manner. The Hemp Seed Beard Balm is made with Hemp Seed Oil and a beeswax base, sporting a light, natural scent for all your beard sculpting needs.



Price: Sweatshirt $45-$46 | Hat $22.99 | Beard Balm $13.99

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Sploofy Personal Smoke Air Filter

Say goodbye to lingering smoke. Whether you’re at your parent’s house or travelling in a non-legalized state, the Sploofy Personal Smoke Air Filter essentially vanishes the smoke you toke. One cartridge can last as many as 300 sessions. Simply exhale into the Sploofy filtration system, and poof! The smoke is gone.



Price: $19.99


Green Card Greetings

Forget Hallmark—send these quirky, cannabis-themed greeting cards to the stoners in your life. Not only will they put a smile on your loved one’s faces, they include a convenient baggy attached to the card, perfect for any extra “goodies” you may want to give.


Price: $4.99


Xyrena Reefer Madness Perfume Collection

Xyrena’s Reefer Madness perfume collection pairs retro VHS-style boxes and ‘80s designs with classic cannabis scents. Each of the three unisex fragrances, made from cannabis terpenes, evoke the notes of a specific strain. Blue Dream and OG Kush are earthy and understated, while Space Cake recalls a buttery vanilla cupcake.



Price: $74.20 each