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Photo Courtesy of Lord Jones

Lord Jones

Clothed in gold fringe and bearing the beautiful company crest, Lord Jones stands apart in quality, consistency and style. From their handcrafted infused edibles to their gentle and effective topicals, Lord Jones is a DOPE Magazine favorite that you simply can’t miss.

Prices and availability may vary

Photo Courtesy of Cocoon Glass


For hundreds of years, fine artisans of wine and beer have packaged their goods in tinted glass to protect their precious products. Cocoon glass introduces violet airtight stash jars that block out harmful UV rays and preserve your favorite cannabis strains.

Prices vary

Photo Courtesy of Four Twenty Trading Co.

Four Twenty Trading Co.

Nothing is better than being front and center and Four Twenty Trading Company keeps you in the spot light. Cultivating the hottest styles of casual and cannabis, you can stay comfy and in style while repping your lifestyle.

Prices vary

Photo Courtesy of Woodie Box

Woodie box

Hiking and smoking come hand-in-hand. Woodie Box solves the dilemmas that often come with consuming on the trail. A grinder card, rolling tray, storage compartment and one hitter are all packed into one small, lightweight, renewable wooden pocket case.

Price: $34

Photo Courtesy of Halsa


Clean. Conscientious. Cannabis. This is what Hälsa has focused their products on and they have set the bar high. Heal, Unwind and Soothe provide unique holistic blends of terpenes, essential oils and cannabis for the perfect aromatic topical.

Prices and availability may vary

Photo Courtesy of Kadabra

Kadabra Vape

Everyone loves the discreet nature and portability of vaporizers but not everyone can afford one. Kadabra breaks the mold with a reliable and high quality vaporizer at the perfect price. Oil, bud and keif, it’s there for you.

Price: $99

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Photo Courtesy of Aceso


In today’s on-the-go society, convenience is key. Helping to alleviate daily stressors, Aceso has combined hemp-derived CBD with natural terpenes and vitamins in a quick and portable drink mix sachet.

Prices vary

Photo Courtesy of Monkey Os

Monkey O Kit

If smoking wasn’t fun enough, Monkey Os makes smoke and vape tricks a breeze. Equipped with the bubble juice and monkey blower, this kit provides everything you need to make the perfect smoke rings, smoke balloons and more!

Price: $17.99