Products We Love: Activated Accessories


Products We Love
Activated Accessories

Products We Love: Activated Accessories


Aurora by Dr. Dabber

This sleek vape pen is almost as much fun to take apart as it is to take a hit from. Magnetic pieces make swapping out atomizers (this beauty comes with three different options) easy, and the three-way, color-coded heating indicator makes operating this concentrate pen a wonderfully simple task.




Looking for cannabis essential oils as an everyday remedy? The line from Hälsa provides you with 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD in each of their oils, divided into the desired effects of Soothe, Unwind and Heal—a little something for anything that’s ailing you.




With a passionate focus on sustainability, ONNO t-shirts come in a wide assortment of colors and feature materials including organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. Soft to the touch, stylish to the eye and environmentally-friendly, these tees are undeniably high-class.



The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk

As the manual so eloquently states, “The main point of Zonk is to smoke cannabis; this is how everyone wins.” With that established, you’ll need to determine before starting the game just who will be assigned scorekeeper and bowl loader—from there, game on.



Miss Mary Jane Co.

In search of some cannabis apparel that truly encompasses the female energy of the cannabis plant? These fine weed leaf leggings—and many more items by Miss Mary Jane Co.—provide ladies with limitless options to embrace the latest in cannabis fashion.



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Zee Fusion Dab Board

Your Mary Jane game just went mobile in a fashion you never dreamed possible. Meet your customizable and oh-so-portable dab station—complete with proper storage and placement for your dab rig, torch and concentrates. Handcrafted and hardwood, these gems don’t disappoint.



Jacket by Samantha Gauvain

These carefully crafted and hand-painted jean jackets bring a vibrant pop to any outfit. The powerful statement and attention to detail in these masterpieces is immaculate—so be prepared to turn heads wherever you wander wearing this fine piece of denim.



Your Amazing Itty Bitty Marijuana Manual

Written by Kat Bohnsack, this little book is a perfect quick reference for 15 of the most common ways individuals utilize cannabis as a medicine. Complete with practical advice and pertinent research, consider this a quick, go-to guide for what ails you.

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Boundless CF Vape

This pocket-sized vaporizer will heat up and get you high before you know it. It operates with the ease of one button and has one of the larger herb chambers we’ve seen. Load it with flower or utilize the concentrate pod if you’re loading a cannabis extract—either way it’s sure to produce a memorable hit.


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