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Products We Love: February



Products We Love: February 2

Products We Love

Products We Love

Products We Love – CFV Aromatherapy, SparkSlide, The Cough Pen, Linx

a. Linx

Linx introduces the Gaia Vaporizer for loose leaf vaping and the Ares Honey Straw Vaporizer for vaping extract. The Gaia features an all-quartz heating chamber that heats the flower evenly. The Ares requires little effort at all, simply dip one end into your extract and then inhale!

Prices vary

b. SparkSlide

Ever find yourself without a light? This polycarbonate phone case has a built-in, windproof lighter, built for cigarettes, that’s making lighters obsolete. It also comes with a stainless steel beer bottle opener.

Prices vary

c. CFV Aromatherapy

Not your ordinary vaporizer, the CFV is built for reliability and consistent controlled flavor. Featuring interchangeable heat retention rings made of African rosewood and quartz alongside impeccable temperature controls, you can count on this piece day after day.


d. The Cough Pen

The Cough Pen has achieved the same massive hits you desire with all the portability and discreet functionality of a pen. The dual quartz or donut ceramic coils are easily loaded with the build in dab tool that sits atop the spill-proof chamber cap. It even has a secret silicone stash jar!


products we love

Products We Love – Airscape Glass, Pot Pocket, vPuf, SuicideGirls, Wink, Papa and Barkley

e. Vpuf

It’s simple and it’s convenient. But above all, it’s clever marketing. The Vpuf transforms business cards into portable pipes you can carry in your wallet. It’s sturdy enough to be used a couple of times—and you better believe people will remember your business if they smoked through your business card.

Prices vary

f. Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls introduces its own line of cannabis products designed for vaping. The three types, “Chill,” “Hustle,” and “Zero,” are packed with flavor. Check out their website to find availability near you.

Products available for purchase at various locations in California.

g. Airscape Glass

Looking to keep your bud as fresh as possible? Look no further than an Airscape Glass canister. Its inner lid that allows the user to push air out of the container assures a fresh product. They even have a variety of sizes and lids that can fit 3.5, 5 and 7 gallon buckets.

Prices vary

h. Wink

Wink celebrates the progress women are making world-wide and offers a sleek and discreet therapeutic experience for her. By only extracting from pesticide-free cannabis, and donating a portion of proceeds to breast cancer research, Wink is dedicated to health and positivity.

Availability and Prices may vary


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i. Pot Pocket

Rather than contributing to more plastic doob tubes, try the Pot Pocket! A reusable all natural solution to carrying your joints without the risk, these self-sealing containers can last years and slide in your pocket or purse with discreet ease.

Prices may vary

j. Papa & Barkley

Want to keep working but an old injury is keeping you down? Focusing on topical applications of skin care and pain management, Papa and Barkley’s line of all natural cannabis infused products is sure to meet your needs.

Prices and availability may vary


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