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Products We Love: Month of May




Accurately coined “perfectly imperfect,” these handmade rolling trays are the perfect addition to your smoking wares. WanderingBud has elevated the joint rolling experience with their unique hexagon shape, 22kt gold accents and a small trough in the center of the tray for easier joint rolling. The porcelain clay trays range from plain white to beautiful blue speckled versions. They make a dazzling addition to the coffee table, both in beauty and practicality. | @wanderingbud | Price: $28


For those cannabis-loving bakers out there, this rolling pin is a treat. Embossed with marijuana leaves, made of beech wood and hand polished, these beautifully crafted rolling pins are sure to enhance all your baking projects. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next bake sale, dinner party or holiday gathering. | @algis.crafts | Price: $24.90

Weed and Watermelon

Pin collecting is a culture all its own, and as L.A. leads the charge in new and unique fashion, it only makes sense that the two worlds have collided. Grown in Los Angeles, Weed and Watermelon accessories are an ideal addition to any cannabis-appreciative collector. They’re an accessible, affordable item that speaks to your personality and advocacy for the ever-evolving acceptance of the flower. | @weedandwatermelon | Price: 12.99

Pan’s Ink

Pan, the Greek goat god, is said to have used plants and herbs to make his magical inks and cure his patients. Inspired by stories of Pan, this aromatic tincture was made with aromatherapy-grade essential oils, designed to offer consistent relief during your regular cannabis smoke sessions. Pick your desired effect: Relax, +Relief, Sensual, Drowsy, Daydream or Focus.  | Price: $10

Silver Stick

This sleek Horween leather kit is an excellent fit for everyone, from a rough and tumble mountain man with its sturdy, well-crafted design, to a white collar business man, with its distinctly classy feel. It’s also just the right size for your pocket or small purse. The discreet and compact design makes this the ultimate travel kit. | @thesilverstick | Price: $55+

Mainely Ideas

These handmade mini cribbage boards are beautifully crafted out of birch wood. Size matters, and this clever design is small enough to pack on a trip, or fit in any bag or pocket. Whether it be a day at the park or a weekend getaway, “grab a bud” and get your cribbage on! | @mainely_ideas_etsy | Price: $20

Kong Wraps


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Smoke like a King—Kong wraps are made from 100 percent natural hemp for a clean, slow burn, giving you a more satisfying smoking experience. From humble beginnings to gorilla-sized growth, Kong Wraps has made their dream of creating connoisseur-caliber cannabis products a reality. | @kongwraps | Price: $2.50


This cannabis-infused beauty oil is as versatile as it is beneficial. Can be used for everything from skin oils, diffusers, baths, vaporizers—even cooking! It’s high in omega-6s, making it beneficial for psoriasis care and protection from sun damage, and high in omega-3s, which helps reduce blood clots and varicose veins. The oil also encompasses cannabis’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Blossom into your best skin with CannaBloom. | @CannaBloom_Beauty | Price: $43


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