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a. Empower Bodycare:

Need to wind down after a long day? Smoking isn’t the only way—topically applied cannabis works wonders. Whether you’re looking for relief, relaxation or an intimate touch, Empower has a wide range of products for day-to-day relief.


Price: Prices vary

b. Swift Pro:

Don’t get bogged down with another hand-held vaporizer that doesn’t work, get the Swift Pro. Fast and accurate heating with an isolated air path for maximum flavor in half the time, this battery powered vaporizer is the answer.


Price: $219.99

c. Vape Fusions:

Bringing a completely unique approach to vaporizing, Vape Fusions offers eight distinct herbal blends to individualize your experience. Open your mind to life’s pleasures with Pro Passion or release anxiety and restlessness with Silent Sleep.


Price: Starting at $8.85

d. The Gloops and the Special Plant by J.R. Fox:

Cannabis legalization is happening all across the U.S. and it brings about a big question; how do we talk to our kids about cannabis? The Gloops and the Special Plant is a children’s book made for this conversation. Without bringing up anything specific, the idea is shared in a fun and child friendly way that’s perfect for bedtime.


Price: $10.00

e. Shine:

Renowned as the originator of 24k Gold Rolling Papers, Shine has branched into all areas of your smoking needs. If joints aren’t your thing, their full line of premium cigar wraps, cones and woven blunts ensure you get the cleanest draw and the fullest flavor every time.


Price: Prices vary

f. CannaRelief:

Ever gotten too high? Felt like you were never coming down? Not anymore, CannaRelief comes to your aid with a fast-acting proprietary blend of vitamins and hemp- derived CBD designed specifically to reduce anxiety and sickness associated with being ‘too high.’


Price: $14.99


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g. Prometheus:

Want to smoke your glass on the go but don’t want to risk it breaking? Fear no more. Pyptek just changed the game with an Aircraft-grade aluminum housed glass pipe that can be fully disassembled and cleaned. With all the accessories included, these sleek pipes come in five colors.   


Price: Starting at $50

h. CauseMedic:

Our appearance and our health are two of the most important things we maintain daily. CAUSE+MEDIC has combined the effectiveness of active botanicals with the healing properties of cannabis to create an entire line of premier cosmetics. From moisturizing and anti-aging serums to tattoo and lip balms, every item is created with sustainability and health in mind.


Price: $8-$75


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