The Importance of Maintaining Proper Grow Light Distance

The rate at which cannabis grows depends on several factors, one of which is light intensity. For indoor gardening, keeping the proper distance between your grow lights and your plants is important for robust photosynthesis and growth. The ideal grow light distance depends on many aspects including light type, PPFD, heat generated by the lights and growth phase. The idea is that you want to give your plants as much light as possible with the most effective light spread, but without damaging plants from light burn.

While the exact recommended distance from the canopy to the grow light varies depending on which lighting manufacture or professional grower you ask, light distance is one of the most crucial factors to control in your indoor garden. Some LED grow lights are designed for close-proximity and may have even more specific height recommendations. For example, Fluence SPYDRx lights have a “recommended mounting height just 6″ from the top of the canopy.”

So, How Fast Does Cannabis Grow?

Depending on how good of a farmer you are, quite quickly. With the proper balance of elements, including a highly tuned nutrient regimen, skilled plant training techniques, and the necessary light intensity, cannabis has been known to grow six inches a day, although the rate is more commonly one to two inches.

As plants grow, the distance from the canopy to the grow light decreases and lights may need to be raised to maintain the optimal distance. Rope ratchet hangers, jack chain and other traditional grow light hangers get the job done, but adjusting each one is a slow process and potentially even more laborious if lights are connected by air ducting or require a ladder to reach. Changing grow light height with traditional light hangers is a task that scales with the size of the grow facility. Also, what if you want to work with your plants, but the lights are in the way? What if you want to change bulbs or clean fixtures?

The Rollav8r: Raising the Bar on Grow Light Hangers

The team at Architex set out to upgrade one of the most underdeveloped aspects of growing cannabis: raising and lowering lights. With the Rollav8r, Architex raises the bar on grow light hangers with a motorized grow light lifter. The Rollav8r raises and lowers an entire row of grow lights in seconds by the press of a button.

Rollav8r Features

● Raise and lower grow lights quickly, easily, and safely

●  Works with all types of grow lights

●  Lifting height of 8 feet

●  350 lbs safe working load

●  Covers 25 linear feet with one kit

●  Lift an entire row of lights at once

●  Easy-to-install kit

●  Save time, save money, maximize yield

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