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If a business is created with the honest purpose of healing others, success often follows. Those who seek wellness intuitively sense the purity and reliability of Papa & Barkley’s fine selection of medicinal products.

The company produces soothing and pain-relieving products made from pure cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes, including topicals, massage oils, balms and Releaf™ Soak bath salts. Their highly popular patches are particularly impressive, providing incremental amounts of cannabinoids to the wearer during a 12-hour period.

The meaning behind the company can be found in the name. “Papa” explains a lot. While caring for his father, who was suffering from a debilitating disease, Papa & Barkley CEO Adam Grossman created a homemade, THC-based pain balm. After witnessing its powerful healing effects, Grossman was driven to create a retail product. Then he met Guy Rocourt, Papa & Barkley’s Chief Product Officer, and the rest is history. They tirelessly worked together to create their Releaf™ line of products.

New clients not only respect the company’s background story, they love the way Papa & Barkley products heal and feel. All of their goods consist of the finest cannabis, and are triple-tested for quality. From start to finish, purity is top priority. They lease their manufacturing site in the heart of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle.

“The flowers are not even purchased unless the farmers test them first,” Guy Rocourt says proudly. Rocourt is the company’s lead extraction artist, and creates all of their products.

“The products are triple tested,” Rocourt added. “The farmers, who are second and third generation, provide us with a test in something called the Track and Trace program. There are no heavy metals, no pesticides, [and they] are tested for microbiology and grown with care. We don’t buy them if they are not tested. We then do an infusion, which is then tested. Following the infusion, our final product is then tested again.”

The company voluntarily tests the purity of the plant, and participates in the Eureka and Humboldt County Track and Trace pilot programs. Rocourt explained that since Sacramento is not clamping down on the industry with regulations, he strongly believes in self-regulation. This belief was born after he conducted business in the regulation-compliant marketplace of Colorado. The products are overseen by the City of Eureka, the county of Humboldt and their cultivation partners. The farmers provide the company with the flowers’ test results, which is part of the Track and Trace program.

This company is Rocourt’s second endeavor into the legal cannabis space. He has been cultivating in California for 18 years, and worked in Colorado’s compliant environment as a partner of Neos vape pens. When he met Grossman, they launched the company after conducting research in Israel and acquiring terpene profiles best suited for the topical space. They released Papa & Barkley’s Releaf™ Soothing Balm in the summer of 2016.

“The reason we believe this product works so well is due to its ‘whole plant extraction,’” Rocourt explained. “We acquire a good amount of quality cannabis from Humboldt County. So we include about twice as [many] real milligrams of cannabinoids and phytonutrients in our topicals. We soak the cannabis and other materials in our virgin coconut oil, and get a high milligram infusion. With our topicals and massage oils, we do not extract the cannabinoids, THC, CBD, CBG, terpenes and essential oils. However, we believe that the green phytonutrients in there are what differentiates our product, and makes it work so well.”

Rocourt explained that Papa & Barkley have conducted research studies supporting these claims. Once a product has the right ingredients, the next goal is to achieve accurate dosing. The company takes this matter seriously, and introduced their philosophy of the “Right Ratio.” Within 15 minutes of using their balm, Rocourt and his team witnessed their clients’ relief.

Upon first use, the products exceed expectations. Even the packaging is striking, with a fine wood and glass casing. The balm smells and feels delicious, and absorbs quickly and smoothly, with no oily residue. The natural ingredients of beeswax, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and other essential oils will pamper your skin, and you can rest easy knowing the botanical ingredients of lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus oil are naturally penetrating and anti-inflammatory.

Papa & Barkley also presses rosin to create their tinctures and chocolates. They will be producing fresh rosin and live resin extract, as well as a fresh rosin lipid infusion extract in the near future.

“That will just add another THC variable, more of the THC acid, and some terpenes that are only available early in the fresh cut,” Rocourt explained. “We are able to capture live oil in our lipid infusions for our topicals, and definitely in our concentrates, in terms of a fresh-pressed, live resin.”

Papa and Barkley will continue to press on as a leader in the industry, teaching by example the importance of purity, and how to attain it by self-regulation.

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