Purple Dawg Diamonds

The Top of the Indica Pack


  • Test Results: 73.67% THC
  • Tested By: SC Labs | sclabs.com
  • Instagram: @whitelabel_extracts
  • Twitter: @WhiteLabelXtrax
  • Website: whitelabelextracts.net

Purple Dawg by White Label Extracts

This month, I was lucky enough to try their Purple Dawg Live Resin Diamonds by White Label Extracts, producer of high-quality, pesticide-free extracts. This strain is a heavy-hitter for pain management and anxiety relief, and has the most amazing aroma of sweet oranges, with slight notes of grape bubblegum.

I enjoyed this dabbing experience while relieving my body of all that ailed me; I was aching after cleaning my goat barn, and my racing mind was laden with worries about the happiness of my pig, Pearl, who lay on the couch next to me recovering from eye surgery — enjoying the benefits of my secondhand smoke, I’m sure.

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Check out White Label Extracts’ dispensary locator at whitelabelextracts.net