Purple Punch: Intoxicating Fruit That’s Not Forbidden


  • Test Results: 65.70% THC | .35% CBD
  • Tested by: Sonoma Lab Works | sonomalabworks.com
  • Instagram: @team_beezle
  • Website: beezlebrands.com | spiritridgemedicinals.org

Purple Punch Live Resin Budder by Beezle Extracts X Spirit Ridge Medicinals

An evening dessert dab of Beezle Extracts’ Purple Punch bathed my senses in continuous waves of fruit flavor. First, I ascertain the taste of peach, followed by citrus, cherry, guava and mango; I dove right into the punch bowl! This sweet union of Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple knocked my socks off with a tutti frutti profile and relaxing indica effects.

Beezle Extracts’ Live Resin budder is easy to put on a tool, vaporizer or nail. Their opaque live resin is made by harvesting plants at peak ripeness, quickly freeze-drying them and then extracting at sub-zero temperatures. Beezle Extracts utilizes Spirit Ridge flowers for their Purple Punch and works closely with local organic growers — support that’s more important than ever, considering challenges faced by boutique growers in the new regulatory landscape.

Purple Punch Live Resin Budder by Beezle Extracts X Spirit Ridge Medicinals

Available At…

  1. Barbary Coast Dispensary: 952 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Ashleigh Castro

Ashleigh Castro is a New York seed grown in the California sunshine. A photographer by nature, she developed while capturing peace rallies in San Francisco and snapping shots of musicians. She started at DOPE taking photos for DOPE Magazine as it launched in Northern California in 2015. Aesthetically, her favorite medium to shoot in is film such as 35mm and medium format. Since she studied journalism, she put her DOPEn to the paper and started writing stories about healing family through cannabis, sustainably sourced edibles and consciously created local products. Having developed obscure food allergies caused by histamine intolerance, she applies cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation and the anxieties surrounding food intolerance. Now managing the NorCal office as well as the area’s content, you can find her on the scene with the DOPE squad or roller skating in the Bay Area’s scenic spots. Her greatest joy working at DOPE is being able to help found a Dream Team of talent and style.

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