Putting Okanogan County On The Map

We’ve all heard of them: the brew tours, ale trails, and hops stops. The different naming conventions go on and on, a comprehensive list of endless ways to drink your way through any metropolitan city of your choosing by bike, bus, or foot. What about canna-tourism, when will there be guided ganja tours, canna-excursions, or pot shop hops?

It may not be far off in the future, the tides are turning and some counties in Washington are rapidly catching on. If you are a Washington resident, you may associate Okanogan County with rodeos, wineries, and rolling farmland. What you may not know is that Okanogan County has been consistently rated as the first or second largest producer of cannabis in Washington. Cannabis is now the largest cash crop in the surrounding area, and with that growth farmers have perfected their techniques to work harmoniously with nature.

Sky High one of the Sun grown farms in Okanogan County
Sky High one of the Sun grown farms in Okanogan County

If your priority is wholesome bud, head to Okanogan County. The arid heat and desert climate of the Okanogan Valley have provided the perfect environment to grow some of the nation’s best cannabis. Towering cannabis plants, sun-grown in rich soil, blanket the landscape. Only the purest and simplest of farming is practiced out here.

If you find yourself in the area, check out The Sage Shop, they carry only flowers grown within the county and almost all of their products: edibles, topical and tinctures come exclusively from Eastern Washington. Local glassblowers, from West Coast Glass in neighboring Wenatchee, sell their products at The Sage Shop and their studio is open for tours during the week. If you are as inquisitive as me, you can find out exactly where your products were sourced and even visit the local farms. Owner of The Sage Shop, Montana Dutton shared, “We encourage visitors to contact us and set up farm tours if they wish.” Just like going to the farmers market to handpick locally cultured goat cheese or your favorite heirloom tomatoes, The Sage Shop can provide you with top-notch local bud that is guaranteed to be grown with good vibes and lots of Okanogan sunshine.

Okanogan Valley is the first to truly cater to tourists that like a little weed with their sunshine. Much like wineries and breweries, bud-centric shops are opening their doors to likeminded connoisseurs of cannabis and all its intricacies. If you understand and appreciate terpenes, you’ll love these places. Like to light it up and talk philosophically about the benefits of a high CBD bud? Welcome home. Sshhh its okay, you’re with friends now.

The Sage Shop features local farmers ranging from Cascade Growers, who are Clean Green Certified, Methow Growers, Farmwest One, Equinox, Lady Helm, and The Green Company. The tides are turning and the seasons are changing, before you know it garden tours of local grows will be as popular as spending a weekend in Chelan getting your fill of Cabernet sauvignons. But you know, a lot more fun.

The Sage Shop where they sell mostly farm to table sun grown.
The Sage Shop where they sell mostly farm to table sun grown.

Okanogan County events and sights:

  • Barter Faire okanoganfamilyfaire.net
  • Local farmers markets
  • Swimming at Omak lake
  • Hiking, camping, fishing, and other activities in the Sinlahekin wildlife area
  • Chesaw 4th of July rodeo
  • Art: rotating art shows featuring local artists
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