The Real Bigg Nez: Comedian-Advocate Normalizes Cannabis Through Stand-Up

Bigg Nez

Bigg NezEver heard of Bigg Nez? Hailing from Austin, Texas, he’s gained a lot of attention in the comedy circuit recently. Though he traverses a number of subjects in his performances and other outlets, Bigg Nez loves talking about cannabis—especially when it comes to burning down ‘to get your freak on.’ When asked about his favorite routine, he describes a raunchy skit in which a dude is in bed, toking with his girl, both of them ready to take advantage of the aphrodisiacal effects of cannabis…Bigg Nez completes the skit with a series of giggle-inducing slurping, sipping and toking sounds in the microphone—a bit I won’t soon forget.

Bigg Nez has been doing stand-up comedy for five years, but his big break was The Bigg Nez Show, originally a radio show. Nez has also had an acting and singing career; he was an actor on the “Quiet Desperation” YouTube series starting in its second season, and has made a music album called “The Experiment,” which is available on iTunes. He’s now partnered with fellow Austin comic Derrick Freire to start a comedy tour of the southern states.

Bigg Nez posits “[I’ve] always loved cannabis.” “When my mother was dying of multiple sclerosis, I pleaded with doctors to give [cannabis] to my mother. They gave me every excuse to why they couldn’t do it, when I knew in my heart it would have helped her. Fast forward, as a comedian, it helps me to get thoughts out in a way [that’s] unexplainable. The ‘Most High’ [God] put it here for you and me! For clothing, industrial materials and medicine. But ‘they’[the government] have labeled it destructive and demonic. So, smoke that shit and live a life worth living.”

Bigg Nez was raised by a single mother in a house full of strong women, as he lovingly describes them. MS struck his mother when she was forty years old, and, as he remembers, “soon she could not move, talk, eat, shit. . . she couldn’t do anything.” Based on his own experience using cannabis as part of a healing regimen during his athlete days, Bigg Nez believed cannabis could aid his mother’s ailing muscles in the same way, so that she could at least start eating again and work towards rehabilitation. However, they were living in Pennsylvania, which is not a legal state (currently). Cannabis was not an option for his mother. Modern research has provided us with more information about this medicinal plant, solidifying what Bigg Nez knew all along. His comedy is an excellent platform for education, advocacy and, most importantly, laughter.

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