Recreational Basketball and Marijuana: An On-Court Study

I went undercover at Seattle’s Cal-Anderson Park and played 10 games over 10 days, smoking different strains to get to the bottom of basketball, marijuana and the NBA.

Hoop Life

When the game starts and the ball is passed to you—and you’re really high—you’ll immediately notice an effect on your perception. Marijuana can unlock or inhibit your on-court awareness, depending on the strain. Start with a familiar sativa. Some sativas are disorienting in an intense game, so be selective. Indicas will slow you down and scramble your thoughts. Based on my experience, sativas are great, but the holy grail might just be an indica/sativa hybrid. The calm of an indica balanced with the focus, awareness and energy of a sativa could make for a slam dunk.

 Choose your Character

NBA Award Season commemorates unique performances. The differences between two NBA players, even at the same position, are often varied and numerous. The same is true for any two strains, and choosing the right one will give you an edge. The following can be used as a guide to craft your next on-court performance:

Strain: Sour Diesel

NBA Comparison: Derrick Rose, MVP

Become an on-court general. Perception of movement is magic. Beware of your teeming energy. You might tire yourself out, and on-court creativity will put you in unfamiliar situations that may result in a higher risk of injury.

Strain: Super Lemon Haze

NBA Comparison: J.R. Smith, Sixth Man of the Year

Have a lot of fun making shots you would never shoot! Enjoy a loose, creative game with friends, but don’t expect this strain to translate to competitive play without inconsistency (and the occasional crazy, unforgettable play).

Strain: Green Crack

NBA Comparison: Andre Iguodala, Finals MVP

Become the quintessential glue-guy, sitting in the wings until your number is called—and then show up big! This is a strain for off-ball and defensive players, as the body will relax but remain focused and ready to jump in and make a play!

Draft Your Team

When you play basketball high, the right strain is as important as a good pair of shoes. Each strain feels different on the court. Each possession becomes an adventure. Try some of your favorite strains, consider your mental and physical play and then record your experiences in a journal! I recommend smoking strains described as uplifting, energetic and creative while avoiding strains described as relaxing, sleepy or euphoric. Be bold in your choices. Think above the rim!

P. Gotti

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