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French Laundry’s Reviving Red Dragon Hash: Hoard This Brazilian Rosin!

The strain artisans at Polaris Wellness crafted Killa Gorilla on a whim, wanting to give a familiar strain a little something to make it stand out in the…



Red Dragon Rosin

Test Results: 71.73% THC |  .62% CBDa  | .6% CBG | 2.22% CBGa |  Sativa Dominant Hybrid | Tested By: SC Labs

Red Dragon Rosin

Red Dragon Rosin

Red Dragon Rosin Packaging

This Brazilian Red Dragon has mysterious roots. Legend has it that Super Silver Haze is in its genes. This cold water hash rosin comes to us from Brazil through the Caribbean, on to Chicago and then Rasputin’s Garage in Mendocino. Despite its popularity, hash rosin wasn’t entered into The Cannabis Cup until 2013, and one such entry was via French Laundry and another producer.

French Laundry’s Red Dragon Hash Rosin is made using “Taffy Tech,” a method in which the extract is slightly heated until workable, then pulled like taffy and evenly pressed, producing the creamy lime-gold rosin presented to us by FL in origami-inspired triangular packaging. It’s spicy, woody and piney, with a slight sweetness in both essence and flavor. The effects didn’t take long, and are very uplifting in emotion and mood—abundantly sativa. I felt the effects solely in my mind and didn’t even notice my body. Highly recommended to treat low moods, depression or lack of motivation.

Strain Name: Red Dragon Rosin | Provided By: French Laundry | Producer: French Laundry (Hash)/ Chronic Labs (Rosin)/ Rasputin’s Garage (Grower) | Instagram: @frenchlaundryhash | Available At: MedMen West Hollywood, 8208 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046


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