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Fitness + Cannabis = Wellness: The Reset Project Goes Beyond the Workout



The Reset Project Las Vegas

The Reset Project

People tend to push themselves in Las Vegas, whether it’s a tourist trying to get the most out of their 48 hours in town or locals trying to cram work, workout and going out all in one day. The Reset Project is a local lifestyle and fitness company, and their Reset Thursdays are devoted to “recovery and self-care,” according to Reset’s James Wong.

The sessions are a combination of exercise, discussion and nutrition. The goal is to “[help] you enhance your holistic fitness through plant-based nutrition, highlighted by medical cannabis, locally sourced fruits, veggies and herbs to get maximum repair and rejuvenation when you need it,” Wong explains. With a background in both hospitality and fitness, the former gym owner seeks to help people combine what they do with what they eat and smoke to enhance their whole lives, not just the time they spend working out.

The Reset Project Las VegasThursday Reset sessions take place at the old transit center in downtown Las Vegas, now the site of a farmers market. The building is a Victorian throwback with plenty of brick and brass. It makes for a far more pleasant workout to look up from an upward dog pose to see the Mount Charleston sunset outside a plate-glass window instead of dull, acoustic tile and whitewashed drywall. The in-house farmers market is also the source of the delicious produce available at every session—during discussion breaks, participants snack on blueberries, peaches, watermelon and more.

Each week, Wong discusses two strains that enhance the day’s activities—he works with the nearby Oasis Dispensary to choose what is both optimal and available. Wong recommends Midnight for pre-workout, a hybrid that boosts energy and relieves stress. Post-exercise, he recommends Shiskaquine, which has a high CBD content to help with any soreness or inflammation. He notes that “THC is everything that you feel—you feel paranoid, you feel munchy, you feel high. CBD is everything you don’t feel, that layer of anxiety.”

The Reset Project Las Vegas

After getting a little sweat on, a delicious fresh, hydrating snack is provided.

Other sessions focus on “the new happy hour, [where] we talk about how cannabis can replace cocktails and pharmaceuticals.” Another session focuses on creativity and fitness, featuring guests including art therapists and sculptors, as well as a discussion centered on terpenes. “I’m big on anything with a high limonene content for creativity,” Wong proclaims. “I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time,” he says of Reset’s combination of exercise, nutrition and cannabis. “The community, people coming together—this is what people say Vegas is missing. And here it is.”

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