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The love child of Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet, Agent Orange is the happy medium of both, making it the perfect morning hybrid. With an average THC content of 15% and an average CBD content of 0.05%, this 75/25 sativa hybrid lands on the spectrum of peacefulness, despite the violent history of its herbicidal namesake.

Therapeutic Benefits

Great for those suffering from depression, anxiety, or simply experiencing the winter blues. This hybrid gives the warm body buzz of an indica without the feeling of being glued to the couch or lulled to sleep. Because of its higher sativa content, partakers will feel uplifted and euphoric, melting away stress, minor pain, and fatigue.


This bold strain stands out visually as an enticing mix of green, light purple, and orange hues. Its forest green flowers, fluffy in appearance but surprisingly dense, maintain their structure in storage while pulling apart easily in use. Covered in smatterings of bright orange hairs, Agent Orange will make the user feel blissful, even before use.

Agent Orange Strain
Agent Orange Strain


Agent Orange produces an aroma akin to the tropics. The overwhelming smell of orange, pineapple, and freshly cultivated earth reflect the natural coloring of the flowers, producing a summery scent akin to freshly cut grass and pleasantly overripe fruit. The smell is intense but contained, complementing the atmosphere like a discreet air freshener.


Mirroring its fruity aromatic accents, Agent Orange stands apart from other strains in a citrusy league of its own. Sweet and grassy in flavor, it hits every flavor center of the tongue, lingers in the lungs, and tingles the nose. The tangy essence of Agent Orange provides as perfect a start to the day as a glass of orange juice.


The ultimate daytime buzz, Agent Orange is a go-to for morning relaxation. This flavorful hybrid provides users with a philosophical head high accompanied by the get-up-and-go energy of a pure sativa. At its onset, this strain can be visually and mentally potent, but within minutes, the user feels calm and focused enough to partake in creative tasks and errands.


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