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Review: Bang’s Cannabis Company



Review: Bang's Cannabis Company

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_column_text]Bang’s Cannabis is a Tier II to be reckoned with. Between their quality product, marketing and small batch releases, the demand for Bang’s has become so great that retailers can hardly keep products in stock. It has been a long journey for them, filled with both obstacles and triumph.

Patrick Bang is no novice when it comes to plants or growing. He used to own a landscaping business and has been growing cannabis for 15 years. He learned quickly it’s all about quality, which is the philosophy that drives his and his wife Lacey’s business. As we strolled through his garden—so thick and lush with buds—I had to turn sideways to move as Patrick explained their ideals, “Nobody wants shit. I figured that out real quick. I still research. I’m still improving. I want to be better every time I pull down. If it is not the same it is better.”

At Bang’s Cannabis Company they do not grow strains for yield, they grow for the terpenes. Patrick believes their flavor comes from the use of veganic nutrients, compost tea and organic soil that they reuse. As Patrick Bang put it, “We strive to be the cleanest we can be.”

Their grow is simple and efficient. All of the watering, trimming and fertilizing is done by hand. Utilization of light deprivation greenhouses with supplemental lighting has been key to keeping their quality up and their prices reasonable. They grow in 30 gallon pots and super crop so each plant can grow the largest buds possible. Each plant is then harvested at three separate times so that what would normally be a baby bud becomes a luscious nug. This helps create flower of the highest quality and value.

Bang’s boasts product lines of flower, pre-rolls, infused joints called Bang Bang and concentrates. If you can find them in stock, be sure to pick some up!

“We strive to be the cleanest we can be” -Patrick Bang

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