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Serious Happiness, the filial 1 child of Warlock and AK-47 bred by Serious Seeds, is a 50-50 sativa and indica hybrid. Like many balanced hybrids, it provides a wide spectrum of benefits. This batch was provided by Bliss Edibles & Extracts. Dedicated to providing high-quality edibles and extracts, Bliss uses only local, organic pesticide-free growers.

Therapeutic Benefits

Serious Happiness is what the name implies: a serious way to get happy—seriously happy. Whether the pain is physical or emotional, this honeycomb is therapy for the body and the soul. When my body aches lifted, my stress from a heavy workday seemed trivial, my ability to focus came much easier, and I was happy.


In the extract world, this beautiful honeycomb looks almost perfect. It radiates like an extraterrestrial rock with its golden blond wax. It is lightweight, cratered, and has a slightly waxy finish. When I took a dab tool to break off a piece, I found that it was very soft, yet crumbly. This wax will powder very easily.

Bliss Edibles & Extracts
Bliss Edibles & Extracts


Serious happiness is also found in the scent of its natural perfume. Immediately, I smelled a sweet fruit and spicy syrup or honey. When broken off, the scent gets sweeter and stronger. Its thick, rich, and sweet scent is accompanied by a bit of earthy steam in its smoke and vapor forms.


Breaking off a little crumb, the wax didn’t taste very clean, but when taken with heat, all of its sweet qualities were released in a smooth, full-bodied vapor down the back of my throat to my lungs. When released, a slightly spicy, fruity, sugary taste bounced off my tongue and lips, leaving a sweet aftertaste.


Serious Happiness provides a blissful balance between a couch lock and an elevated mood. It can bring on a motivating yet relaxed approach to the day. Daily burdens melt away, as most engagement becomes more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this honeycomb to take the edge off during stressful times.

Bliss Edibles & Extracts
Bliss Edibles & Extracts


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