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Review: Blue Kudu Chocolate



Review: Blue Kudu Chocolate 3


Blue Kudu Chocolate

Tested by: Gobi Analytical 

THCA: 13.5% THC: 5% CBN: 0.2% CBDa: 0.1% CBD 0.1%

Blue Kudu has artfully rebranded its chocolates with a creative look, and given its popular flavors fresh names like Isle of Capri and Zen Garden. The white chocolate cookies & cream bar, cleverly named Craters of the Moon is mostly sweet, a little salty and very decadent; the bite size cookie pieces introduce cream to crunch. The Alpine Glacier bar is an antioxidant-rich dark chocolate confection with a hint of herbal mint that lingers only as long as the rich cocoa flavor.

About 45 minutes after eating my dose with a meal, I began to feel a slow wave of relaxation working from my forehead all the way down to my toes. My neck tension eased and my shoulders relaxed down to their normal position. My head felt cloudy and mostly carefree, as I was coaxed into a THC-induced mellow body high.


-Great for aches and pains

-Relieves muscle tension and stress

-Increases appetite

With the new regulations coming into effect, many companies are changing their packaging. Blue Kudu took this rebranding opportunity to another level with their discreet, new look that could be straight out of a high-end grocery store.

Craters to the Moon chocolates

Craters to the Moon chocolates

99.49mg THC (COTM) 93.17mg THC (AG)


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