Review: Bong Brilliance

The ubiquitous resin that coats pipes has long been a scourge of smokers everywhere. The unbelievably sticky, smelly substance is nearly impossible to get off small pieces, let alone heavy-use bongs that are regularly handled year after year.

A classic method for cleaning a dirty piece is isopropyl alcohol with some rock or kosher salt. This generally gets most of the gunk off, but will leave quite a mess in the toilet or sink, and never really seems to do the job. Pipe cleaners, the art class essential, are also useful in accomplishing the task they are aptly named for. Good for more than just elementary school projects, these can clean a downstem in no time.

Some have been known to resort to drastic measures, such as vinegar, lemon juice, smoking with mouthwash, and even soaking pieces in hand sanitizer. Thankfully those days are long gone with the multitude of bottled cleaners becoming more available at our favorite local smoke shops.

One Colorado company has come to our attention by providing smokers with a truly innovative bong cleaner. Weed Wipes’ products are 100% all-natural and made from a renewable organic plant-based oil. Their product actually cleans the smoking device while it’s in use. By simply mixing a few drops with water, you can enjoy some resin-free rips with no added odor or taste. Due to molecular attraction, Weed Wipes can remove cannabis resin from any surface, not just glass pieces. Whether it’s used on scissors, tables, fingers, or even clothes, this stuff works like a charm.

3 Facts – Isopropyl Alcohol

  • ISO is listed as a hazardous substance by eight government agencies including the IARC, OSHA, and the EPA.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is harmful when inhaled, when it comes in contact with skin, and can negatively affect the liver and kidneys.
  • Despite being proven to be detrimental to human health, it is being used for tasks as mundane as cleaning dirty pieces.

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