Review: Cannabis Infused Tomato Basil Soup


Cannabis Infused Tomato Basil Soup

Provided by: American Baked Co. (Instagram/Twitter @americanbakedco)

When someone says edibles, my first thoughts gravitate towards sweets or snacks, which is why I really got a kick out of consuming a savory, cannabis-infused entree. This tomato basil soup satisfied my munchies—an added productivity bonus in my book. Powdered soup is convenient and versatile because you can introduce fresh ingredients during preparation to create a personalized meal. The dose per package is 10mg of THC, which offered me a four-hour period of relaxation and a solid lunch to boot! Talk about the perfect grilled cheese pairing for a gloomy Washington day.

The effect was very light, heady, easy going and I remained completely functional. The onset was pleasantly quick too because I ingested the soup on an empty stomach. On-the-go perfection.


The gentle cerebral warmth will get you up and going again as soon as you finish the last spoonful.

With directions as simple as, “just add hot water,” nobody could mess this one up!

A great companion to maintain high spirts in a pinch while you’re out camping or enjoying nature.

Cannabis-infused tomato basil soup by American Baked Co.

10mg THC per package


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