Review: Cannabliss & Co.

Cannabliss & Co.

The History

Reopening a historical fire station that was built in 1913 in Southeast Portland, Oregon, Cannabliss & Co. is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Matt Price, the proprietor of Cannabliss & Co., strives to provide the finest cannabis experience available to the community, “With the highest quality products for the lowest prices,” he expressed. He had high hopes that Measure 74 would pass, but was met with disappointment instead. Patient care has always been Matt’s objective, but he needed to find a creative way of helping patients get the medicine. So he decided to use Firestation 23 as a farmers’ market, “Allowing a safe place for farmers to meet up with patients in a safe environment,” he shared. After sitting on the advisory board of sales and retail for Measure 91, Matt took Firestation 23 and made it Oregon’s first medical dispensary also serving recreational users.

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The Places

You’ll notice upon entering the great attention to detail from the brass fire alarm and fire pole in the waiting area to the carefully selected products that cover the shelves—it is quite a site. With the beautiful display of flower on the walls, cases stacked with oils and edibles, and educated budtenders focused on patient care, Cannabliss & Co. aims to please. This friendly staff is here to help your every cannabis need.

Firestation 23 was the first of three locations, opening its doors in 2011. The 22nd and Burnside location is an old hotel lobby that was transformed in 2014. With a plush, relaxing waiting room, this location is a customer favorite. In July 2014, Matt found a historic sorority house in Eugene and decided it was time to take Cannabliss & Co. down south. On East 11th Avenue, this building is another on the National Register of Historic Places. While providing the same historical charm and level of educated budtenders, you will find the same carefully selected products you’d expect to see from Firestation 23—as well as some local specials.

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The Product

The Cannabliss menu has a very unique way of listing their strain selection. On their menu, happy, relaxed, uplifting and energetic are just a few categories to choose from. Helping the consumer find the flower for their intended use, this is a great shopping experience. Don’t forget to ask about the specials and featured flower, with a wide variety of strains on the menu, you’ll be sure to find an old favorite or stumble upon a new one. With a new Cannabliss & Co. coming soon to Springfield, Matt and his team are doing their best to serve the Oregon cannabis community with the highest quality products at the lowest price.

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