Review: Drip Ice Cream

What’s better than catching a buzz, getting the munchies, and eating ice cream? How about eating ice cream that gives you the buzz and munchies? Drip Ice Cream has made it possible with their newest flavor, aptly named, “The Munchies”. A vanilla ice cream infused with a salted caramel swirl and chocolate dipped pretzel toffee, I found it hard—very hard—to stop with just one container. I love ice cream, and this is top quality. The innovative sidebar on the package lets you know how much THC is in each spoonful, provided you can eat less than an entire container in one sitting. I couldn’t, with zero regrets.

  • A couple spoonfuls boosted my mood
  • The entire carton made me relaxed but not bed bound
  • Drip Ice Cream + Coffee = An affogato like no other, resulting in a perfect balance of two different buzzes

Oregon’s newly enacted Early Rec Sales allows anyone 21 and over to purchase Drip with 15 mg of THC. OMMP patients may still buy the 25 mg or 75 mg extra strength editions.

Drip Ice Cream
Drip Ice Cream

THC: 25.5 mg | CBD: 0.9 mg


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